i love praise and worship. i dunno why but just something about singing is great, especially when there’s a point to it. i mean it’s so great that i have a place where i can go to hear music and actually use my singing (crappy or not) to do something worthy of my time. i remember about 1.5-2 years ago when the college sophomores were gonna go off to college christina lee gave her testimony and in it she declared that she was no longer afraid to sing out loud during praise. being a lil sophomore at the time i was like “uhhh… how could someone do that?!?! i mean people might hear you!!!” hehe. but seriously now i think i know what she’s talking about. i mean sure, i’m still kinda selfconcious about my singing voice and the way i look when i praise (probably really dorky) but then again who am i singing for anyways? haha so in an attempt to find a happy medium i’ve retreated to the back right of the room (near the door) so as to minimize the chance of people hearing/seeing me while still allowing me to praise and worship to my (and hopefully God’s) satisfaction. i don’t think anything makes me more aware of how crappy a person i really am than those little prayers we have during worship. but still i think praise is something that i’ll always look forward to (but don’t quote me on that)

so i’m back to weightlifting. if y’all didn’t hear i quit wrestling, haha and there was only one week left. but yeah i’d rather not go into that (if you REALLY wanna know you can ask). i’m really sore right now, but happy 🙂

“i’m interested to see how this can end up. yet i know that i can only expect the worst and hope for the mediocre. now the only thing to do is wait go on as usual but if things keep going as they have, we’ll be going nowhere fast. maybe i just need to accept that i, sad as it is, may not be what you’ve been hopingdreamingsearching for and just move on because more likely than not i’ll just end up drunk and depressed and you with tears in your eyes (assuming you think me worthy of such emotion).”


~ by justinhong on February 1, 2003.

2 Responses to “”

  1. hey LOOK! It’s my favorite food disposal 😀 (ironic now that you always used to kick trash cans towards me, eh?)
    lucky you, done with wrestling. :[ swimming starts tomorrow. ack. i’m going to die.

  2. that profile picture is cute
    anyway, praise music is really moving. i stayed with morgan ng for like a day but since he’s sucha  considerate and selfless guy he made sure i was entertained. hearing him sing praise music was really something moving and powerful, honestly i felt it deep down *and not just in my pants*.
    just thought i’d share that
    glad yer happy 😀

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