Some unfiltered thoughts on the eve of President Trump

I guess it’s not over yet. Fivethirtyeight (goddam 538…) still gives HRC a 21% chance of winning the election, but it’s looking bleak. I may have to retitle or delete this later, but as it goes:

  1. Trump was right. America isn’t as great as I thought it was.
  2. How happy am I that I’m getting out of the Army five days before he’s to be sworn in? I actually caught myself panicking over whether he might be able to keep me in… but he shouldn’t be able to right?
  3. I have the thought that if anyone can see a Trump victory, and not feel a quick pang of fear, they are likely not part of the many demographic groups that he has offended during his long and storied campaign (women, muslims, jews, mexicans, blacks, the poor, Americans, Chinese, etc)… and that they  are more likely than not to resemble the candidate in one of the following ways 1) white, 2) male, 3) wealthy, 4) angry etc etc etc. I guess I didn’t think it was really possible.
  4. I think I now understand how those who thought Obama was the antichrist felt when he was elected. Is that kind of empathy/perspective a bright side? Still deciding.
  5. He was also right about the “silent majority”, as scary as that might be. The puzzling thing is, I haven’t really met any “silent” Trump supporters. Who are these quiet, measured, reasonable people that support him? Is it hidden misogyny and racism amongst educated people? Did he really speak to the depths of people in positive ways that I can’t understand? I’m grasping.
  6. Sometime during this long campaign I had the (probably too self-righteous) thought that, regardless of what side you’re on, if you sincerely hoped that certain segments of the population (wacko Christian conservatives, goddam treehuggers) wouldn’t show up to vote, then you’re as damaging to democracy is Candidate Trump. I still think this is true, and I still think it’s better to know about the grotesque, rotting darkness hiding out of view in our society, but I’m struggling with this right now. Voter suppression is a horrible crime against the republic…I just wish more people agreed with me I guess…
  7. I think our greatest hope now is that Trump is too inept and too self-centered to really do much during his time in office. He said at some point he’d leave the boring legislative stuff to his cabinet, and just work on making America great again… I hope he does that.
  8. I really hope that the evangelical Christians that voted on the one issue of abortion or LGBTQ (anti-)rights are convicted to minister to the lives of poor, young, single mothers or women who are pregnant. I hope that they fact that they voted on one issue (at the sacrifice of caring for the lives or the poor, the homeless, the stateless, the marginalized etc) and that their candidate won doesn’t give them a warm sense of satisfaction that God’s will has been done. That would be a shame.
  9. There is a very high likelihood that Trump supporters prayed harder than HRC supporters. I think that’s something to convict myself, but also to reflect upon for all believers. Didn’t the Jews demand a king? And didn’t God grant them their wish? And wasn’t the result unforeseen pain and confusion? Just because God answers our prayers affirmatively, doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. But maybe the religious right is correct, maybe God is punishing us.
  10. Congratulations Putin.


p.s. I really want to post something like “well nation, get ready to get grabbed by the pussy” but it seems inappropriate. Who would say something like that?


~ by justinhong on November 8, 2016.

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