What follows was my reason for creating this site. But now I’m back in Oakland, CA and just trying to figure things out without messing up too bad in the process! Welcome.

On May 2, 2009 I am heading to Canada to begin an internship on an organic farm in the Peace River Country of Alberta.

I’ve never been much of a journaler (journalist?) but I am hoping to write in my personal journal every day once I get to the farm. On the other hand, I was once an avid blogger and hope that the existence of this public space (sorry xanga) will provide the motivation to live with more alertness and mental alacrity.

I’m not sure what the content of this site will include; I guess I envision deep philosophical musings about life, the land, and the Lord. But who knows? I realize that recently I’m more open whatever comes my way than I used to be. So perhaps you’ll just get pictures of pigs and bison chewin’ the cud; but I’m sure you’d like that just as well.

Anyways, if I’ve shared this site with you (and you’re not just some random visitor), that probably means that I care what you think about me and what I’m doing; so let me take this opportunity to thank you for whatever it is that you have done for me (or, not done to me, haha).

I guess my hope for this next excursion is not so much to find all the answers, but perhaps to explore deeper and more interesting questions. To see things I haven’t seen before and to wrestle with life as I do not know it. And I hope that as you join me in my attempt to “put to rout all that [is] not life” we can learn things together as we go.

– Justin


2 Responses to “About”

  1. “wrestle with life”… haha. had to use that word, ey? 🙂 … did you catch that?? i said EY!

  2. btw, you ARE emo…. i just noticed your blog theme is called “ChaoticSoul”…

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