(This post is adapted from a quick pre-worship set spiel I wrote while listening to Stefan’s sermon a couple Sunday’s ago, and reflecting on Matthew 2:1-12)

Who came the farthest?

The Magi were not Christians, but they were aware and alert and acted on their knowledge. They “fell down and worshiped” a child that hadn’t yet grown to a man who would die for the sake of the world. They journeyed far and “rejoiced exceedingly with great joy.”

But Jesus came pretty far too. He made two trips. When he was born he made the inaccessible accessible, what was infinite was now tangible. God breathed and cried and laughed.

The physical distance between one side of the Holy of Holies and the other was the mere thickness of the curtain. But the spiritual, the Real, distance was a yawning, gaping wound. A divide caused by our sin, infinite and unbridgeable. A chasm Jesus crossed to carry us Home. His second journey.

The Magi paid in energy, in money, in time, in physical danger to see a newborn child, and to worship. What did they know of the Lord? How much could they? They knew he was special, they knew with his coming that now, everything was different. But compared to us, they knew nothing. The God of the Universe became a man, his spirit breathed wisdom into written words, deep mysteries, hidden wisdom laid bare for the taking.

And yet, and yet… sinful and slovenly as I am, I cannot bother to fall down and worship of my own accord. I don’t discipline myself to read the word, to dig deeper into the costly truth of free grace. Jesus you bridged the gap. You closed the divide, and sometimes I still can’t reach you.


~ by justinhong on January 10, 2015.

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  1. yay you’re writing again!

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