As far as I know, I’ve only ever been “hit on” once in my entire life (and I was forewarned). It was at a family friend’s birthday party early in high school… it was strange, and strangely flattering.

Here are a few things that happened last week that may not necessarily qualify as getting “hit on”… but I was amused:

I was on shift with one of our older (and maybe gay) EMTs. He’s a really nice guy, drove 911 in NYC, French-Canadian origins. It was getting towards the end of the shift and he’d just found out that I am 27 (he originally thought I was 21… “You know, I don’t meet many young men who are as nice and well-behaved as you are!”). He made a comment about how my parents must be all up in my bidniz about getting married, I said Nah, they’re not really. At Safeway he asked if it was because I was having trouble finding someone or if I was just being picky. Then he told me about some of his friends who were picky, and at 50ish are still single…

“Justin, I have it all figured out!”
“You’re a handsome guy so, we have to use that to your advantage. You’d be okay with dating a girl 6, 7 years older right? 33 or 34?”
“Mmmm… I’m not sure actually.”
“Hey, you have to be practical here. What you have to do is find a nice girl who’s a doctor or a nurse and has a good job, and marry her.”
“Trust me, by that age they’re looking.

On our way out of KP Walnut Creek with a patient. We pass a hallway where an old lady is doing her PT, walking with her daughter’s support.

“There you go Mom, you’re looking good!”
Old Lady looks up, following us with her eyes,
“Yeah, now it’s looking good!” 

I was driving home pants-less (Trust me, it’s great. After a hot day in full uniform you’d want to be pants-less too!). I pulled up to the light just before getting onto 242S, Decemberists blasting. Looking down to adjust the volume I hear giggles and, as the light changes, I look over to see two punkish-looking girls (not super attractive, unfortunately) looking over at me, the one in the passenger seat waves as they drive away.


~ by justinhong on May 18, 2012.

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