The day he died all hope died with him. In the same way that all darkness is light to Him, now all light was darkness. God had come in the form of man, the cure for all pain, the hand that catches all tears became a real hand, God had become flesh and bone and men tore the flesh and broke the bone. God came and we killed him. The very moment he made himself vulnerable, all nature and all civilization mobilized with the sole end and purpose of destroying him. Where before God had only allowed men to grieve him in their rebellion, now he gave men the opportunity to do their worst. And we did. His instigation was to bring peace, his insult was to bring healing. He was too good for us.. he was too Good for us. The body rejected the cure and the day he died, all hope died with him.


The morning he rose, nobody knew it. But when he rose he brought back our hope with him. Out from the grave he came, and with hope he brought with him all the dreams we had buried. The dreams of shalom, the dreams of a home, the dreams of a perfect world, the impossible dream of finally becoming good men — all the dreams that men, since Adam, had begun to bury underneath the terrible weight of their sins he dragged out from the depths of hell. Men had sold themselves into bondage and somehow, by allowing hope to die, God had loosed the chains and raised the dead. We realized that we had never really hoped for anything before. We saw now that in our slavery, even our hope had been despair. And even now, even as we finally were seeing our brokenness clear, we need not despair anymore: it would never be truly dark again.

On the Proper place

God must be first. The great irony in placing anything or anyone else in the first place of Love is that when they occupy that place for which they were never meant, we will never be able to love them at all. The woman you cannot lose is the woman you will hurt to keep. The job you must have at all costs, will cost you everything. Only when the one thing you cannot lose is in fact the One thing you can never lose will true love be possible. God is the engine of our love, he moves first. Even if you replace the engine with something beautiful; a work of art, or a delicious meal or even a son or daughter… that isn’t how things work. It doesn’t matter what we attempt to replace Him with, we will destroy or be destroyed by it. The weight of loneliness and hurt and even love that dwells within each of us is a weight that only He can hold. To put this weight on any thing or person is to guarantee a life that devours. A cracked vessel cannot be filled… unless it is mended or the source fills it at a greater rate than it leaks. Only God poured it all for us, and only God mends.


~ by justinhong on April 9, 2012.

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