One day we will sing
everything we ever felt but could not put into words.

We will sing of all the impossible:
wrongs you have somehow made right
pains that have become beautiful scars
happy reminders of a perfect healing
unforeseen, unbelievable, unprecedented joy
to which your gentle,sure hand has led

Our voices will be unhindered
by our tears.

Our knees unscathed
when we collapse under the weight of your glory
on the soft grass at the feet
of the mountains of heaven.

You will lead us through
and we will follow; not by fear or obedience
but because it is the only thing we have ever Wanted

Oh to see the laughter on your face,
the joy in your eyes,
are there wrinkles that evidence your sorrow?
Did your salt-tears stain your skin?
Are your hands rough from work?
How do you carry your weight?
What does your voice sound like?
What is your resting heart rate?
Is your back bent from the cross? From the abuse?
What was it like to become a Body?

Oh Brother,
The hole in your side,
has consumed my fear
Your scars, once condemned us all
but now they shout of love.


~ by justinhong on March 14, 2012.

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