Making Light

We are driving in Antioch after a call. As the low afternoon sun beats on the left side of my face I look to the wall that borders the road. The low-angled light casts a shadow of the ambulance and it strikes me that each and every particle of light has traveled millions of miles, through vast emptiness, through extraterrestrial debris, through atmosphere, through cloud and sky to be here. Doubtless each wave given royal escort by your meticulous, omnipresent Will.

As the sun sinks lower behind the horizon we approach the hills. The land is dark and seems as one solid mass, each tree and rock, every dip and swell and outcrop comprise a single sharp silhouette against the ever deepening blue of twilight sky.  I realize that though the sun has set, there is still light enough to see. All the light in every bit of shade in every corner of this vast earth, shade in which you can read and nap and see any manner of things,all the light is indirect, a reflection of original glory.


In deep, saturated dark
I glimpse beauty,

in clearest moments
I would have nothing else
than to sit and watch you dance from the back of a crowded room.


~ by justinhong on January 12, 2012.

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