Loving Kindness

He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God? – Micah 6:8

Do Justice, Love Kindness: A tiny verb study

Do: As we have admitted our sin it would have been a cruel command indeed, to ask us to love justice. Self-professed sinners can only rightfully tremble at the idea. The fact that the wrath is no longer aimed at us is little consolation. It should have been, it came so close. To see judgment passed from the perspective of the Delivered is a high honor and a terrible responsibility. Do justice. But be wary lest you begin to love it. To love seeing men brought low, even horrible men. To love seeing men suffer for their sins, even horrible sins. If grace did not cover horrible men and horrible sins, where would we be? Justice is necessary but not the end we wish, is it? Shalom, I think, is so much more than fairness. Or maybe we’ve crippled the term, ‘fair’. For a young lady to be fair once meant more than that she gave her children equal helpings of supper. Justice is beautiful, but with a terrible beauty. The beauty of blades, of the hunt, of a fighter’s deciding blow.

Love: Love kindness. Oh, that the command would be to “do” kindness! That would be easy enough. But how difficult it is, to sacrifice your time, money, energy, even your dreams (in part? the whole?) for your fellow man… and to love it! God, how is this to be done? Before you we could not even love ourselves rightly. How can we truly love to be kind? Like you loved to die for us?

Is it not easy to see how we have loved justice and done kindness? And the damage that we have wrought in our confusion?

Walk: Humbly. Is there any other way that walking could be possible, with God? I see a child, chest swelling as he speeds ahead of his father. Watch me, see how fast I run! I know the way, come along! And yet, even then, there is humility in his seeking approval, in the way his chest really only swells when he sees the smile come to his father’s lips. No, there is no other way. To walk with, is to walk humbly. The proud will wander away and cease to be ‘with’, or will run off and cease to ‘walk’. Our God is in no hurry.


Tonight I sat in the back of the house. The tears welled up as I heard my brothers and sisters singing, repeating, “He loves us, oh He loves us, oh He loves us, how He loves us so…”

And the only thought, the only logical, reasonable, appropriate and honest thought that entered my head was “Why?”

Why God? Why love us? Why me? Why him for me? Why the best for the very worst? Why ashes for beauty? I really just don’t understand.


~ by justinhong on September 12, 2011.

One Response to “Loving Kindness”

  1. In a world of ungrace, asking why is perfectly understandable because it goes against the grain. We can rejoice God isn’t um, like us.

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