Acts of God

It’s been awhile. Also, I thought you’d be interested to know that someone was redirected to this blog when searching, “crazy hardcore harmonica playing lead singer that spits on the crowd”, haha.

I’ve actually had a couple of blog ideas milling around in my head for awhile, but the blog bug just hasn’t been hitting recently. I had some notes saved as a draft though and the first note says,

“love as much as you can wherever you are”

I guess the thought behind that was, what if it really is that simple? Love God and love your neighbor as your self, with everything you are and have. Before all callings and all desires, before dreams and preferences and psychology and excuses. Before all else, love. What if, in some very salient cases, we are called to work and pray. Pray and hope for the best, for complete healing and complete transformation, but to work towards making life for this or that person as pleasant and easy as possible for the time being. And not necessarily just giving people stuff, but really loving them. Being there, being intimately involved. Showing them that they are cared for.

A question I’ve been asking myself a lot recently is, “What if it just doesn’t get better?” What if this or that person, or our city doesn’t get better in any visible or tangible sense. What, then, is our duty, where is our hope and joy? Love as much as you can, wherever you are. What if we are just called to make her life easier until she’s gone? The last years could be the best. There is a complete thought in there somewhere.

There’s a line in a country song that goes, “I guess the Lord made me hard to handle/So lovin’ me might be a long shot gamble”.

For some reason, while I thought about the song I got to thinking about faith and behavior control. There was a perspectives teacher that said something along the lines of, “you don’t clean a fish before you catch it” in reference to the folly of trying to change people’s behaviors to fit some Christian norm, before addressing heart issues of salvation and obedience.

And what if God made some people ‘hard to handle’? What if we can’t reach some people because some people can only be tamed by God? I thought about the prodigal son and how he left his father and home for an intense and expensive life. But what brought him to repentance? What brought him home? The famine. Where is God in the parable? The father, I think. But also the famine? At least, God will have known the effect the famine would have on the son and been pleased with it’s result.

Maybe this isn’t that big an observation. I think this may just be my finally realizing that prayer is really important part of outreach.


~ by justinhong on February 17, 2011.

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