I’m not sure how I feel about doing this but… here goes! A trip through 2010! I went back and picked some what I think are the more notable or well written entries from the past year, hopefully it gives a good cross section of my thoughts and feelings in 2010. (Yes, I enjoy rereading my blog way more than any of you would/will haha).

New, January 4
Crap, January 9
Clarity, January 28
Remote Control, February 9
Mental Note, April 20
Heavens, June 3
Not quite, June 17
To Whom, To Him, June 17
If there were words, July 6
Let’s be honest, August 25
This Didn’t Happen in Real Life, September 7
Small Creatures, part I; Interlude: Soft Shoulder; Small Creatures, part II; Small Creatures, part III, September 24 & November 29
Lust, Prayer & Pain, December 14

Originally this was going to be a list of something like 5 posts… but according to a report I got from wordpress I posted 115 times this year! So this list only represents 14% of my blogging… which I guess is quite a bit for a “cross section”. Anyways, happy reading!


~ by justinhong on January 2, 2011.

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