Lunar Eclipse

You’re missing the eclipse,” she said from her balcony, the woman who lives on 3rd Ave.

The things we miss when we walk around staring at our feet.

I saw my first total lunar eclipse tonight. In the process I also learned that today is the winter solstice; today’s the day our sun begins to work longer hours.

It was breathtaking. The moon turned red and took on a depth and texture I’ve never seen before today. There is something profound in standing with friends and looking up. In gazing in unity as something beautiful and rare and awe-ful. Isn’t there?

The last solstice that I actively celebrated was a year and a half ago. I was in Alberta and with strangers. After a long day of wandering the North Country Fair, we ended up sitting around the campfire, eating hot dogs and swapping stories. The sun set well after 10pm that night. It left a faint glow on the horizon that crept slowly across the hills and never actually disappeared before beginning to brighten again a few hours later. On the way home the next day we learned that our neighbor’s father had died that weekend in a car accident. The sun when it came time that evening, had apparently not heard, and set beautifully nonetheless.


~ by justinhong on December 21, 2010.

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