The Son of Man has no place

“Where was Jesus’ home by the way? He would visit his hometown but, he didn’t have one. And on the cross when Jesus Christ turned to God — I want you to know that every time, every time in the bible, every every every every time you see Jesus talk to God he says ‘Father’. ‘My Father’, ‘our Father’, ‘holy Father’, ‘Abba Father’ — every time but one, only one, when he was on the cross he says “my God”. What was happening there? His place knew him no more. He lost the spirit of Sonship. The door was closed. No fire, no light from within. The ultimate nightmare. Something vastly deeper, something unimaginable. Cast away, out of the family, out of the house, out of the home. His place knew him no more…

…Why? See, he lost the spirit of Sonship so we could have it. His place knew him no more so we would have place. The door was closed on the ultimate home so the door could be opened for us.”

– Tim Keller, God our Father


~ by justinhong on December 2, 2010.

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