I lands

Can I submit that John Donne was wrong? What if we are all islands? Not isolated desert islands though. Rather tiny and lonely landmasses comprising a gargantuan archipelago of humanity. To take the analogy further, we are constantly seeking new ways to communicate with one another, across the eerie expanses of water. We work on our technology, radios to talk, binoculars to see what others around us do on a daily basis. Sometimes we create seaworthy vessels and can meet soul mates and good friends in the middle. But do we ever really reach one another?

I feel like even my closest friends know so little about me. And how much could I know about them, having spent and still spending so much time apart. And when we are all together, are we honest enough? There are so many secrets, but also so many memories that still make me who I am, but that are buried so deep that they cannot be shared.

‘I never knew you…’

In the end, such words will usher many into an eternity of weeping and mourning, why? Could it be that they finally confirm what so many of us, in our heart of hearts, have feared all along?


~ by justinhong on November 29, 2010.

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