And once again, this time while watching TV on my computer in my room at 2:30am, I realize that the first time around is also the last time around. Usually the idea that ‘today’ is not a dress rehearsal but the real thing is motivating, a kick in the pants. But sometimes it crystallizes into a stern truth. It’s terrifying.

– During a prayer meeting last week I realized(/was told?/reminded) that: none of us has been really, perfectly healthy since The Garden and the Church exists to glorify but also nurture and care for the people who enter it, but why does everything else seem more important, why are there so many things to do?
– I think I need limits. Without ties and responsibilities I, like some sort of goopy substance, tend to just lay formless, existentially sagging and expanding outward, a puddle-like mass. I take on the likeness of my container. Let the next one be a beautiful one.


~ by justinhong on October 23, 2010.

One Response to “Rehearsal”

  1. gives new meaning to “contain yourself” doesnt it

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