Fall Cleaning

I tried to sleep at 3am but I couldn’t, so I cleaned. It’s nice that I can see the floor of my room. I wonder if it’ll take another sleepless night to get me to tackle my closet and dresser and bag up old clothes to give away.

Notables include:
– Actually some pretty important mail… whoops.
– Some sweet cards and letters I’d forgotten about
– Lots and lots of plastic bags, I think I have at least three plastic bags stuffed with plastic bags (the others the result of times past when I was also overrun with them)
– Countless random knick-knacks

I guess I do have packrat/nostalgic-collector tendencies. But the thing that struck me was finding all these random things that I somehow remember keeping, but not knowing why I kept them. Stuffed animals from who knows who. Little gifts, random clothing tags(??), plastic and fabric leis, etc… I know I must have kept them to stem the erosion of my memories, but they obviously haven’t worked. And at this point, the idea of ‘living light’ and being mobile far outweigh the value of the vast majority of these things. I’ve said it before but I almost wish that my parents had just gotten fed up and thrown everything away while I was gone. Haha I guess that’s asking for others to literally deal with your junk/baggage huh? But you can’t really miss what you don’t remember having, right? It’s sort of scary though how, when I really think, how very few memories I have of these past 9292 days of living.

Anyway, at least you can see the floor now!


~ by justinhong on September 29, 2010.

One Response to “Fall Cleaning”

  1. happy 9292!!

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