Interlude: Soft Shoulder

Speeding is an understatement. I had to get home quick. ‘Don’t let the sun set on…’ Too late. The winter sun had set an hour ago, but I was almost there.

What had it been? What stupid minuscule thing had set him off this time? He always had trouble remembering when… when he had a feeling it was his fault. Probably the toilet seat lowered a bit too loudly or the stove left on. Should he stop for flowers? Make an illegal automotive call for reservations at that sushi place she loved? What was the law in the face of love? Who was he kidding, not love really. More like marital disarmament. Somebody had to make the first move. But then again, it was love, right? Why did he always forget. It was the mornings. Not a morning guy. He always (…usually) went to bed counting his lucky stars. It was a match of Not-Out-of-League-but-Not-Even-the-Same-Sport-Buddy proportions. Seriously. But the alarm at 6effin30 was always too early. Forgetting. Sometimes remembering is all it takes.

A yellow diamond sign reading, “SOFT SHOULDER” moved him terribly and he pressed his foot harder on the gas.


~ by justinhong on September 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Interlude: Soft Shoulder”

  1. THANK YOU!!! but let it be said again, i really do love that last line. 🙂

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