Plans for the Future

On the ground of my room here in San Jose I’ve been stepping over a handmade posterboard book. That is, until tonight when I decided to pick it up. It’s titled “Memories: An Autobiography on [sic] Justin Hong” with an alternate title that goes:





Vertically, like that, on the cover. Apparently this Justin kid made it on May 20, 1995 when he was in the fourth grade. Perhaps I’ll find a scanner someday and post pictures of this future classic. But for the time being, I’ll leave you with this excerpt from the last page.:

Plans for the Future

When I grow up I want to be an artist. I want to draw Super heroes and Super villians [sic]. I also want to make up my own super heroes and super villians [again, sic]. Then when I grow older I might go in to writing books.

(… reading that actually made me kind of sad.)

I bought a couple books from Borders today. I’m excited to start pleasure reading again. I’ll just leave you with this little gem from the introduction of Michael Pollan’s Second Nature:

“Yet I suspect that once I began to garden, this book was probably inevitable. As most gardeners will testify, the desire to make a garden is often followed by a desire to write down your experiences there—in a notebook, or a letter to a friend who gardens, or if, like me, you make your living by words, in a book. Writing and gardening, these two was of rendering the world in rows, have a great deal in common.


~ by justinhong on August 9, 2010.

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