Street View

I realized today that I enjoy riding the bus. Actually it’s always interesting to see a place from a different level. Usually you see the city or the bay from a car, but it’s nice to bike down the frontage road in Berkeley, run up Telegraph or, in today’s case bus between Oakland and Alameda.

Some things I saw:
– An orange tree in someone’s backyard, it caught me off guard, how pleased I was to see it. Something about the fact that the residents probably found enjoyment in it. Not as deep as the satisfaction of growing one’s own food, but more along the lines of just being able to go outside and eat a piece of nature.
– A couple cats sitting in the middle of an adjacent road. This made me laugh.
– Some surprisingly nice house/storefronts in along MacArthur in East Oakland. One with that wooden, clean looking architecture with a yellow door that didn’t quite seem to fit.
– There was a STOP sign that someone graffiti’d to say “STOP SINS”.
– The sun was setting just over the hill. Glimpses caught between houses as we passed.
– Two Asian ladies playing badminton on their driveway, just across the street from highland hospital.

edit: It just struck me that this post would be much more effective if it was a picture post. But there are already enough photographers out there haha


~ by justinhong on July 23, 2010.

One Response to “Street View”

  1. way too many photographers. i liked no pictures, but I feel like your words make the images come to life in my mind.

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