I know I often express similar sentiments but I just finished a Tim Keller sermon and I really want to listen to the next, but the title of it is Knowing the Risen Christ and it’s an Easter Sunday sermon and I really can only handle so much crying in one day.

Some questions that were raised: Do we know God? Is he King? Do we experience his rearranging our lives on a daily basis? Is it a radical change? Do we Pray, or say our prayers? That’s what Jesus died for, why should we settle for less? GAHHHHHHHH

But I think I’ll go pray now.

      • Jesus wants spiritual reality, not formal worship, I want you to KNOW God, not just know and believe the right thing

        • Real worship always envelops the whole person

        • Do you pray or do you say your prayers? Do you just say words or do you connect? Do you really know God, is there a real connection?

        • When you pray do the come burdens off? Do thoughts about God get big, effecting, distrubing, comforting?

        • How do you deal with worry? By jogging? Talking? Or do you pray and make a true connection with God so that thoughts about his wisdom get so big and so bright that in light of that your worries fade

        • In the light of his mercy your guilt fades? In the light of his Grace the anger fades? Do you ever weep when you pray, not because of guilt or being upset but because you sense him dawning on you.

        • Is your life like the temple, unbelievably full of activity but there’s no prayer?


~ by justinhong on June 16, 2010.

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