There’s something about the sky here in Almaden. One time I wrote a poem about Heaven and one line mentioned “Almaden blanketed in twilight.” When I hear the word ‘Nostaligia’ I still think of the Almaden sky, a deep blue or purple or pale orange to red gradient, and all that happened beneath it. I think I’ve caught my breath at the sunset more from my driveway here (I’m sitting at my kitchen table right now haha) on Petroni Way than anywhere else in creation, except perhaps room 811 in Ida Sproul.

Is it something special about this particular place on the globe? Something about it’s elevation or latitude and longitude? Or is this a matter of Home?

Is the slice of heaven that overlooks this suburb only meaningful to me because under its watchful eye I learned how to play tennis, walked home countless times from school, took a girl to a dance, ran for the first time in pouring rain, had many of the best conversations of my life, learned to love (the friend kind, the family kind, and the other kind…), went through puberty, identified the constellations, drove around aimlessly, and on and on and on.?

There are so many things I dislike about this place, why do I love it so much.


~ by justinhong on June 3, 2010.

3 Responses to “Heavens”

  1. i actually meant to comment on this post, but accidentally clicked on the other link that led me to the post below it. i also loved this post. i haven’t really missed san jose since i left it, but this post managed to make me miss it! i hope you are super happy. also, i am so happy for simon!!!! just thinking of his sweet personality makes me smile. will you tell him i said congratulations, i am very happy for him, and that his fiancee is beautiful?

  2. haha yeah dude. i’ve noticed this too. the sky is pretty incredible at home. i think it has to do with the hills surrounding the valley and how the sun sets.

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