Beefcake (alternate title: Give me Wings so I can Fly)

Justin’s Birthday Menu:
– Ryowa Ramen Lunch Special + Coke + Kimchee
– Birthday Beefcake: Frosting = Mashed Potatoes, garnished w/ bacon, Cake = Two slabs ground beef, middle layer = bbq sauce, cheddar cheese, and more bacon (definitely worthy!) Surprisingly not overwhelming!
– Wingstop 10 wing combo (fries + Coke)
– Coffee Milkshake (vanilla ice cream + nescafe blended)
– OB Fried Chicken
– Tammie’s goto Peanut Butter cookies

…I guess the menu for ALL my birthdays in my twenties should be similar to that haha.

I felt really cared for today, especially since, while I knew people would know that it was my birthday thanks to facebook, I really had no expectations. I kept forgetting over the past week that today was coming up, and I’ve just been too busy/lazy to  think about doing anything out of schedule. But it was really nice in the end.

One interesting thing I realized was that the group of people that I really spent any time with today is almost completely different than the people I celebrated with last year (Tammie may be the only overlap!) I got a good amount of calls/texts/facebook messages and emails from older friends, but today was an indication of how much shifting has gone on in my life this past year.

I think the self-proclaimed theme of this coming year (these coming years?) will be purging and pruning. Simplify materially, emotionally, relationally etc., lose weight, eat more simply, disconnect, reconnect, purge harmful (or at least unhelpful) habits, prune timewasting activities etc. Hopefully much of this can be voluntary, and hopefully added to purging and pruning will be some actually positive things (like adding faith, hope and love, you know.) I’m wary of saying that all time should be spent productively, though I’m not discounting it offhand. But I’m less hesitant to say that I don’t want to be doing anything that isn’t growing me physically, mentally or spiritually, building relationships, helpful to others or the community or restful. I mean so much “unwinding” isn’t restful, and so much “chilling” isn’t edifying or increasing love in the world. Just some thoughts from a now-wise 25 year old MAN.

My prayer for my 25th year here on your beautiful earth is that you help me come closer to you and to grow closer to the man you’ve created me to be. Grip my heart Lord, break the walls, smooth the ruts, crack the whip where I need it, grant the cold water to wake and refresh, the hot to cleanse and heal and relax the muscles after each day’s hard labor…


~ by justinhong on April 22, 2010.

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