On nights like tonight it’s hard not to think about committing web 2.0 suicide. I doubt I have the strength, but O if I did!

Also,  I used to read so much! There would be nights where I’d stay up late sitting in my bed in my room in San Jose turning pages and sleeping way-too-late because I couldn’t put a book down. And I remember summer days sitting on our couch in the living room reading random books I picked up from the library. Friends, if you have time to read for fun, do it please! And then tell me about it so I can share in your joy.


~ by justinhong on February 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Torn”

  1. maaaan. i just read this and realized people prolly think i deactivated my fb cause of you. oh well.
    and web suicide? that’s such a violent way of thinking about it! i dont like it :/

  2. i hecka read all the time. you should too! =D

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