I took three dumps between 4am and 9:30am this morning! But that’s not really what this post is going to be about, it’s actually going to be about: Poo.

When I worked and lived on the farm, a place where excrement is allowed and even encouraged to rule the landscape, I had a lot of time to think about poo; what with stepping in it constantly, being crapped on by chickens and breathing in the little poo particles in the dust that the pigs would kick up as they ran around. When seen from a modern day city dweller’s perspective, poo is all bad, a negative externality if you will, and there is only one way to handle it: get rid of it. Thus we flush and dump (haha I could have used another word, but why?!) it, hide it away in diapers and toss it in trash cans to be put in a landfill or sent to the moon (sorry I don’t really know what they do with trash nowadays).

But Poo, O’ Poo. You are so much more than an inconvenience, a “necessary evil”, a piece of… wait, you are that. Friends, I invite you to bear with me and join me in contemplating the Goodness of God, his design genius in creating ecosystems that run on, wait for it: Plants growing out of the ground that are then eaten by animals who in turn are eaten by animals (who sometimes also eat plants) who in turn are eaten by more animals on and on up the food chain until you get to the real badasses of the animal kingdom, e.g. Us and Dragons. But all along every link of the chain all these animals poo(p?)! Everybody poops!


I invite you to imagine a world where plants just spontaneously grew and didn’t need poo-trients (Patent Pending on the term). Can you imagine?? Piles and piles of poo everywhere! I shudder at the thought.

Seriously though, it’s a beautiful thing. When I was in Canada, Jerry and I were walking in the fields one day and Jerry pointed out that even on the freshest of cowpies there were these little holes forming at the tops. These were made by insects whose sole occupation in life is to eat poo(!!!), or do something crazy with it so that all the nutrients are broken down and thus useful for plants. Amazing, no? The sad thing is that Jerry then went on to explain that on a lot of conventional farms, the livestock are so chock full of crap (not the good kind like we’ve been talking about but like antibiotics and growth hormones) and have such bad diets that their poo actually kills the grass. That’s like as if firemen started going around starting fires! So sad.

So guys, the next time you’re walking down the street and see some dog (or human) feces just laying there on the sidewalk, make sure to take some time out of your busy schedule to just bend down, look it in the eyes and give it a tearful and hearty, “Thank you!”.


~ by justinhong on January 9, 2010.

5 Responses to “Crap”

  1. Haha, this is the second best poo-appreciating treatise I have ever read. Like!

  2. wait a minute, 2nd?! link to first best please. (i would have coined the phrase “poopreciating” if i were you)

  3. Huh. You’re right. The best poopreciating article I read was about historical Tokyo’s reuse of “night soil” (human poo/pee) for fertilizer. The trade of night soil was VERY profitable and a form of responsible waste management.

  4. i just read this post and it has enlightened me. thank you justin and thank you poo!

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