Two Questions

Today on our run around Lake Merritt I hit a point where I began to fall behind. The self-preservation part of me was willing to allow it to happen, reasoning, “well, your legs are sore, and this is only your second run since you’ve been back!”  I was going to allow myself to be convinced but then I remembered to ask myself the two questions I try to ask whenever I feel like quitting during any sort of physical activity: 1) Are you about to cry? and 2) Are you throwing up?

Since my answer to both questions was a definitive “No.” I decided to pick up the pace and keep up, which resulted in about 3 minutes of aggravated breathing and actually feeling like throwing up (good thing I didn’t eat right before) when I finished the run. But it felt good to push myself and find out that there was some gas left in the tank. It’s a scary thought to push yourself up to the brink, when your (weak) mind is screaming at you to just chill out man, but hey, it’s 2010!


~ by justinhong on January 8, 2010.

One Response to “Two Questions”

  1. not bad. way to keep the pressure up.

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