Different Tracks

Today I got to thinking about how people’s lives can be so different. For every single one of us, each day is composed of an innumerable combination of different activities and pursued interests. For some, appearance is very important, and thus, exercise, shopping, time doing hair and washing face, etc… take precedence. For others it is reading, or furthering career, or photography, or social networking and friends, or the outdoors; and in most cases, some mish-mash of multiple things.

I guess what strikes me is that humans have the capacity to be happy and content (as well as sad and discontent) in so many different situations. I am learning that this is okay, that one might be happy in circumstances in which I would suffer, or go mad. But it does break my heart sometimes, to see people not Living. There are many ways to live, I feel, and the worst is to choose not to do it honestly and openly and fully.

Sometimes these thoughts are overwhelming, the idea that invariably, and in most cases, we understand but a fraction of another person’s experience. Even our closest friends are almost strangers if we consider the number of thoughts that are hidden, the hours spent away from each others’ company. What then of my colleagues at work, that girl at the cafe, a person on the street whose scent you just faintly catch as they disturb the air with their passing?


~ by justinhong on August 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “Different Tracks”

  1. so what are you hiding?

  2. “the girl at the cafe (strada)”

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