One Hundred Days of Solitude

The other day I was looking at the calendar on my phone and realized that between May 2, when I arrived in Canada, and August 9, when I will be flying back to the states, I will have spent exactly one hundred days in Canada. Time spans always seem shorter when counted out in days (i.e. if 1000 days is ~ 3 years, that means that 60 years is about 20,000 days, and I’ve only been alive for about 8,000).

I will probably write a more reflective post when I get back home (and have had some time to reflect) but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time here. Sometimes I am overcome with the strangeness of my present circumstances. For instance, one night last week, I was riding back to the farm in a car with two people who I didn’t know three months ago (Jerry and his daughter Kari), and a german guy from Calgary that I’d met the day before. We were coming back from swimming and eating supper at a heart shaped lake (aptly named Heart Lake) and hanging out with a bunch of neighbors from Goodfare. My thoughts ran something like “How did I end up here??”, but in a good way.

Nevertheless, I’m excited to get back home and see everyone and experience whatever the next chapter has in store for me. If anything, I still feel the need for adventure, and now I feel more equipped to seek it out. I never really thought about the faulty thinking that goes behind going to a farm to experience wild things and adventure, since the farm epitomizes mankind’s first attempts to subdue nature and bend it to his will. However, despite that fact, the farm is so different from the city, that my time here has definitely supplied me with many experiences that I will cherish.

Sundays here are really nice. They’re my day off so I normally sit and read for most of the day. In the mornings/afternoons when I wake up, I eat cereal and listen to the radio. I think I will really miss the fact that there are minimal distractions here that allow for spaces to do things like that, to slow down a bit. At 11am today CBC radio played an old story that they did on C.S. Lewis(!!) what are the chances, ey? It was titled “C.S. Lewis: The Narniaman”, they ended with a quote from The Weight of Glory about our Longing for Heaven and for me, it was like a taste of Home.

That being said, I’m excited to get back! See you all soon, God willing.


~ by justinhong on August 2, 2009.

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