Farmer’s Tan

When most people think about farmer’s tan they think about the tan lines at the neck and arms, but nobody every really considers the legs. My legs are so pale now, especially compared to my forearms, which get lots of sun because I roll up my coverall sleeves. In the almost twelve weeks I’ve been here, I’d estimate that my calves and feet have probably gotten about half an hour of sunlight total. Which is a huge difference since, as you know, I used to wear shorts and sandals all the time. But alas, my calves are a sad sight, no longer the nice bronzeish hue with the white sandal strap tanline on them. Oh California.

On another note, I’ve slightly picked up the use of the Canadian “eh?” or “ey?”. I was afraid of this when I came here to begin with, but it’s a pretty versatile word, I think. It’s something of a call for verbal response, as if to say “well I’m finished making my comment, what do you think?”, or when people end sentences with “right?”. I kind of wonder if I’ve picked up any other Canadian verbal naunces, but I guess we’ll see! I’m only here for threeish more weeks, ah!


~ by justinhong on July 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Farmer’s Tan”

  1. and then i can yell at you like you yelled at me when i got back from SA! JERK!

  2. That’s actually a better response than what I was thinking- that mosquitoes (I almost spelled that misqitoes) fill in an niche in the environment; that mosquito larva are one of the biggest sources of nutrients to water-creatures, and part of the reason they’re so rich a source is because they feast on fat people blood.

    But yours is more poetic. Like how J. Hollingsworth suggested perhaps we were given hunger as a picture of desiring something to our depths, rather than my answer, which was “so we have something to poo.”

  3. Actually, that might not have been J. Hollingsworth.

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