July 11, 2009; 10:53pm

An excerpt:

“p.s. While I was hauling water yesterday I decided that that act is one of the most positive and wholesome things one can do. Maybe it was because it was nearing the end of the work day, or if I was in a good mood thanks to Laura’s visit with her three beautiful and fun young daughters (not beautiful as in attractive, they’re all under 10 y.o.), and the fact that it was almost cloudless and sunny; but despite having to walk through mud and this painful sore I have on my right ankle (from scratching too much) that my boot was rubbing against, I really enjoyed carrying those bottles back to the palace.

The pump house is about 100 yds away from the palace, but if you’re willing to carry the bottles against you and gt wet, your arms don’t get very tired. And it’s good in so many ways, i.e., good exercise, a time to think while you’re being productive, you’re planning and acting for your future sustenance and well-being, and it makes you appreciate water so much more than if you had it running from a tap (I find I use much less water here at the palace, though at the house I’m still wasteful.)

p.p.s. I listened to a story in CBC this morning about journalists who were killing in the line of duty for exposing corruption in their countries (Quote: “I’m not interested in why men do bad things, I’m interested in why they do good.”) I was really touched by it and how these people, who according to the author of the book (Killing Without Borders), all had life changing experiences early in life or in their careers, would put their lives at risk for the Greater Good.

As I was put into this emotional and contemplative mood the next show came on and it was an interview with the author of Atonement (Ian McEwan?) who apparently often writes classical music into his books. I found that, in the mood I was in, this interested me much more than I believe it normally would.

I think it’s really interesting how your day take shape. Occurrences and circumstances that seem insignificant probably affect our mood (and thus how we act and react in certain situations) in innumerable was which we can’t even begin to imagine. A sore neck upon waking up, or a good night’s sleep. A good breakfast vs. bad digestion. The first person you encounter and the words spoken or looks given. Seeing plants of places or encountering smells that trigger certain thoughts or memories and alter your state of mind. It really makes you wonder how free your actions really are; to what extent are we guided to act in certain ways by the millions of phenomena that assault our every sense before we even decide to get out of bed in the morning?”


~ by justinhong on July 19, 2009.

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