Today was a good day. After lunch we went to go pick up Jerry’s new bison bull. He’s a huge, four-year-old beast. They were having a lot of trouble getting him to go into the trailer because he was so stressed from being enclosed all day. He was stomping and snorting and bleeding from his nose from running into the bars trying to get at the guys who were guiding him. I was probably about five feet from him for a good ten minutes and got a great view, bison are pretty awesome creatures.

When we took him out to the field to introduce him to the herd it began to rain in torrents. My jeans and t-shirt were soaked through in seconds. But about five minutes later the clouds were gone and it was bright and sunny. Very surreal. After we let the new bull out, the entire herd chased him around sniffing him, not fighting between him and the old bull though (too bad.) But at one point the entire herd was running in circles around us and the tractor, it was a pretty crazy experience.

Time for dinner! (It’s 10:10pm!)


~ by justinhong on July 17, 2009.

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