I think that I actually believe and agree with most of the stuff I wrote yesterday but today I realized that maybe I was just frustrated because I was grumpy from having a stiff neck and just being a brat about everything. I think my parents really have enjoyed their trip, but I just feel like there is SO MUCH MORE to appreciate about nature and at least part of their ranting about the beauty of what they glimpsed (I don’t want to say “saw” because I’m not sure how much they actually took in…) is partly to convince themselves that the trip was worth it. Does that make sense?

Also the trip was pretty productive because I FINISHED WAR AND PEACE(!!). The last couple hundred pages were actually really good, at least I liked them. Tolstoy is pretty skillful at creating characters that I like (and I guess a lot of other’s like too) for their simplicity and goodness. I feel like W&P was his big argument in favor of personal happiness couched in a behemoth of a book laying out his philosophy of history. It was tough to get through but I think worth it! (I think I liked it better than Anna Karenina in the end).


~ by justinhong on July 7, 2009.

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