A Time to Cull

I culled my first pig today. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it means I shot it at the midpoint between it’s eyes and ears. It wasn’t giving me a good angle so I had to get right up to it with the .22. I think Hollywood really makes our imaginations stronger than they need to be, I expected it’s head to explode (even though I’ve watched Jerry cull a cow before). But the bullet went in clean and it kind of just shuddered and knelt on it’s forelegs and started to twitch. I guess I hit the jugular because it bled profusely from it’s mouth. I shot it again in the head just to make sure it was dead and we dragged it onto the back of the gator (one of the farm vehicles) to autopsy it. The little guy had to get culled because he was really skinny (you could see his ribs) with a big bloated belly. He’s actually the first sick pig I’ve seen here, and there are hundreds of them! (Just so you don’t get the wrong picture of the pigs’ lives here.)

When we cut him open the intestines were really bloated and full of gas. Jerry guessed that it was some sort of digestive track problem, not worms (as he originally thought). It was all in all a fairly strange experience for me, I don’t think I’ve ever shot an animal before. But as I’m writing this I’m eating sausages for lunch, so I guess I wasn’t too scarred by it.

My parents are here! It’s really nice to see them and I think they’re getting along with Jerry really well. My mom went back to the Grande Prarie Airport with Jerry’s daughter to pick up my aunt, and my dad is out on the southern pasture with Jerry, trying to find and round up a cow. Yeehaw!


~ by justinhong on June 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Time to Cull”

  1. haha i like how right after “i don’t think i’ve ever shot an animal before” comes “but as i’m writing this i’m eating sausages for lunch…”

    i wonder what it would be like if we traded lives for a day and you taught little kids while i shot pigs! it would be weiiiird!

  2. Wow. For a second, I thought you were eating sausage made out of the pig that you shot. Mad respect, Justin.

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