Profiles in Canada #1

The new WWOOFer is in a word: strange. She’s really nice and a good worker but she’s definitely different. Her family lives on a quarter section (half mile by half mile) about an hour away from here and she wants to own a horse ranch when she’s older. BUT, when Jerry asked if she had any “religious need to pray” before her meal, she said “No, I’m an agnostic or something.” and went on with a long explanation about how her parents are “pagans” (“anything that’s not Christian, Muslim, or Jew” she said, which is true I guess) and how her mom can best be described as “a witch”. Her dad has some nature based religion. AND her and her dad are involved in something that sounds very much like LARPing (probably only Henry will know what this is, look it up). Which actually makes her not strange, but one of the coolest people I’ve ever met.

I wanted to add this to my Bullet Points entry, but I kept forgetting but:
– I have not seen a SINGLE law enforcement person since being in Canada (in almost seven weeks!) It’s pretty crazy.

It’s kind of sad because even in my dreams I’m kind of a loser (when it comes to romantic relationships). For instance, last night, the girl I was dating, later told me (it was a long dream) that she did care about me, but was really just using me to test the strength of another guy’s love for her… WTH. I think the uncommonly large number of vivid dreams I’ve had since being here is a direct result of sleeping over eight hours a day. It’s kind of nice and fun.

Next profile: Barry!


~ by justinhong on June 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Profiles in Canada #1”

  1. omg. i’m sure that girl was a loser anyway.

  2. Okay, I’d just like to point out that the only reason I know what LARP is is because I heard about it in Role Models.

    Dude, can you bring some bacon when you come back? I know I should support local farmers but it’s just a little bit right? =D

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