– Over the past couple of days my craving for a Javanilla Shake has been especially strong.
– The Canadian one dollar coin is called a “looney” because of the bird that graces one side of it, the two dollar coin is called a “two-ney”
– Nectarines remind me of home, probably because they were from California!
– There are two ways (that I’ve seen) to castrate an animal, one, which we did with pigs was with a scalpel and the other, for calves, was to tie a small and tight (the size of a cheerio, when not stretched) rubber band around the testicles to cut off circulation. For the guys who read this, which would you prefer? Haha good luck!
– On a related note, wrestling calves for tagging and castration was my first experience that gave me pause, and made me ponder whether farming animals for our exorbitant consumption is something that is Good (I mean doing it organically and ethically, I’ve already come to a conclusion about CAFOs).
– But the pork chop I had for lunch today was so delicious, the most tender pork I’ve ever had (sorry Roger!) And we’re having Red Pork Curry tonight! Yay!
– I watched TV for the first time in six weeks yesterday (surprisingly on a really nice panasonic HD TV, at a neighbor’s place). Canadians sure do like their Hockey.
– We moved a building! Just Jerry, me and a tractor. Pretty cool huh?
– I’m really really glad tomorrow is Sunday. I’m going to read and relax allllll day long.
– Jerry just asked me if I had any concerns about an 18 year old female WWOOFer coming to stay on the farm for a couple of weeks. I don’t know, should I?


~ by justinhong on June 13, 2009.

One Response to “cont’d”

  1. Both ways are terrible. I think I’d rather just get them cut off, since it’s not as long and drawn out. 😦

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