2:something AM

I can’t sleep. I went outside to pee wearing only a t-shirt and shorts and wasn’t cold at all. I was startled (I jumped) by how bright the moon was. As I looked up at the night sky a few birds flew silently by, even they know that any respectable creature should be sleeping at this hour. I saw a star (was it?) moving slowly across my line of sight, I followed it from the South all the across the sky to the North until I couldn’t see it anymore. I think it was too high and far away to be airplane lights. It almost makes me believe in UFOs. I’d believe in UFOs tonight.

What is it about restless nights like these that makes anything seem possible, and not only possible, but likely? (Tonight it is… I’m going to use some discretion and edit this part out… and the rest would be history.) On nights like these Life’s horns seem small, grooves etched into them for easy gripping and I, I feel three-fourths more alive than during waking hours.

Tonight Jerry and I went to Dawson Creek (not possesive, with the apostrophe-S) to hear Andrew Nikiforuk speak about the Tar Sands of Alberta. It’s a pretty grim story, pretty much like most big industry it seems. But he ended his presentation with a C.S. Lewis quote. I’m not sure why but that was so comforting to see and hear, like meeting an old friend in an unexpected and foreign place (which, I guess, is what it was in a way).


~ by justinhong on June 4, 2009.

One Response to “2:something AM”

  1. You might’ve seen a low-orbiting satellite!

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