Picture post

I’m sorry that these are so small. But when you’re using 56k you gotta do what you gotta do:

old strath

My first stop in Canada, the Old Strathcona Farmer’s Market. That’s Jerry and a past WWOOFer that helps him out.


These little critters will grow up to be dirty, smelly, pushy big guys. I think Mr. Ping Ping is somewhere in that crowd (before he was moved to the new starter group).


Jerry started with about a thousand of these little guys. We lose a few every day, one day we lost 75 because the door was left closed on accident and they all piled up next to the door to get cool air 😦


This is Purr. He’s an old old cat (the oldest of three here). He was the first pet to befriend me, so I like him the best. He’s not much of a lolcat though, Dudley (the youngest) is the one that does all the crazy jumping in and out of bags and pouncing on random things.

jerry and rosie malone

This is Jerry playing with Rosie Malone, their Irish Wolfhound. If she stood straight on her hind legs I bet she’d be seven feet tall (no joke). They were bred tall to pull soldiers off horses (and apparently the males can get up to 250 lbs!)


This is what I look like about a month into being a farmer. I just shaved yesterday (when this picture was taken), for the first time since about a week before leaving home! Luckily no crazy beard tan though.


This is a picture with gratuitous amounts of sky. Enjoy!


~ by justinhong on June 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Picture post”

  1. that is gratuitous! thanks!

  2. you don’t look like a farmer yet!

  3. ah ur becoming canadian! it sounds like you’re having a great experience up there (:

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