The horizon here is dominated by a species of poplar called the Quaking Aspen. The Reader’s Digest book of “North American Wildlife” says that its leaves are flattened so that they stir at “the merest breeze”. It has been very windy here the past few days and the aspens do indeed quake. Watching them move it seems to me that these special poplars must have chosen their name for themselves. It is as if they had heard rumor that long ago their Creator (the one who can number the leaves on their crowns) had followed and spoken after sending a mighty wind (and fire and earthquake). And so, these trees, “at the merest breeze” quiver and tremble; whether in honor of that fateful event or in anticipation and hope of what might follow, I cannot say.

Any yet we men, in response to the wind, turn up our collars and grumble that the dust hurts our eyes.


~ by justinhong on May 31, 2009.

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  1. looking forward to seeing those trees!

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