Balls to the wall

Yesterday we (Tim and Abby are a couple from New Zealand that have been with us since a couple of Saturdays ago) watched Jerry castrate some young pigs. He prefaced it to Tim and me by saying “this is exactly what your testicles look on the inside” and proceeded to slice-pull-cut-and-toss. It was hard to watch. The pigs squealed when they got picked up and held between Jerry’s legs, squealed some more during the pull-and-cut part and then went completely quiet when they were set back down. They did not seem to mourn the loss very much. It was difficult to walk normally after watching that.

I think I am beginning to realize that the secret to Jerry’s perennial laid-backness (other, perhaps, than the weed haha, though I don’t know if he smokes much at all, I’ve never smelled any on him) is his ability to maintain a loose grasp on his expectations and plans. That way, when they are almost inevitably thwarted, it’s not such a big deal and he can focus his energy on fixing whatever it is that went wrong, as opposed to throwing a temper tantrum. I wonder if it is the nature of his job that allows for this type of attitude (though he plans ahead too, which helps), or if it’s the nature of his work that is the cause of it, I can’t really tell. But in any case, I know that I am far from being like that, and that it seems like a very healthy way to go about living.


~ by justinhong on May 27, 2009.

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