Having become more acquainted with wood fires the phrase “rekindle the fire” has taken on a new light for me, i.e. you have to do it a lot. Also observing the pigs and seeing the boars follow the sows around, the phrase “chasing tail” evokes whole new mental images.

If you thought that working the land and with animals and operating heavy machinery would make you more of a man (if you are a male, that is)… you were right! My hands are so messed up now. I have three big cracks on two fingers and a thumb. Sam (Jerry’s wife) gave me a tin box of some stuff called “Bag Balm” which is technically for cow udders, too keep them from getting dry and cracked from milking… but apparently it is popular among garderners and dirt-under-your-fingernails types. I’m still trying to figure out if I’m on the butt end of some big farm joke.


~ by justinhong on May 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Phrases”

  1. see, i told you i’d read through all your entries… dang it sounds like you’re having an adventure (and delicious meals). i wish i could be there seeing you do all these chores and whatnot…

    here’s a sports update (if you care): lakers vs nuggets (1-1) and magic vs cavs (1-0). It’s exciting!

    more of the nostalgic pieces please… and they HAVE to be girl related (can be from the same girl, which is something i prefer…continue!

  2. hahahah you’re not! they sell it in beauty supply stores at fancy places here 🙂 im very serious.

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