Yesterday we visited one of Jerry’s friends, Ted, to pick up some bison to take to the meat processor today. We were having a lot of trouble getting them into the trailer. Basically you get them into a corral and from there try to get them to go through a passageway that leads to the trailer, closing doors behind them as they progress. Normally it shouldn’t take more than five minutes, said Ted, but it took us over an hour! At one point we were standing on the fenceposts to try to make the buffalo uncomfortable, but it wasn’t working. So Jerry went back to his truck and picked up his accordion and started playing “Home on the Range”, which seemed to make them more uncomfortable than anything we’d done yet haha. We were done probably about 15 minutes later.

All of the houses I’ve been in here (all two of them) are built like log cabins out of stories. It’s awesome. Jerry and Ted’s houses are both wood heated, with animal heads on the polished log walls. It gives them a very home-y feel. I think I’ve come to the conclusion that a good rule of thumb is: It’s good to know where things come from. You can tell these homes are made out of trees, and the spaghetti dinner Ted made us contained buffalo meat from buffalo he raised, and herbs and vegetables from his garden. MMM!

Apparently Edmonton (the capital city of Alberta) has the biggest mall in the world! Whodathunkit?


~ by justinhong on May 15, 2009.

One Response to “Accordions”

  1. Haha, home on the range!

    Good to hear from you bro.

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