Tractors and Chinese Food

Driving a tractor is a pretty scary thing. It’s not so much controlling a vehicle as it is harnessing and trying to contain almost unlimited power. The tractor I’ve been driving is a really old old machine. But even when I’m traveling 2mph (or 3.2 kph?) it seems too fast. The brakes don’t really work, so you have to plan ahead and put the thing in neutral and then slam the e-brake as it rolls to a stop, hopefully wherever it is you wanted it to.

The Bobcat on the other hand is a BLAST to drive. It’s a one-man vehicle that we use to push things around. You enter it from the front and have to pull down a rollercoaster-like seat belt before you can even start the thing. The pedals are used to move the arms up and down (and change the angle of the bin on the front) and the machine is moved by pushing two handles forward or backwards, or one forward and one back to turn, anyone ever play Virtual On in arcade? (yes, I even tried moving them both to the left and right to see if the thing would strafe).

I have vivid dreams pretty much every night. I wonder if it’s because I sleep so much.

I think there are at least two reasons to miss a place and people. One is because you just hate wherever it is that you are so much, that you’d rather be anywhere else, and the first place you think of is home. The other reason, I think, is because you actually enjoy home a lot (a positive missing, vs. a negative one). I think I miss home for the latter reason. And I’m really happy about that. I’m not ready to come back yet. Not even close!

I think it is one of God’s sweet mercies that when animals (i.e. livestock) are young, they are so cute, and thus easy to care for. But then, when they get big, they get uglier and louder, and thus easier to kill and eat haha. Thanks God!

Tonight we ate chinese food for dinner. I’ve been here about 11 days and I didn’t even notice that I hadn’t eaten white rice until tonight! I guess that’s a testament to how much I’ve been enjoying the food here. But it was still nice to eat asian food again, even though it wasn’t awesome (still good though!)


~ by justinhong on May 13, 2009.

One Response to “Tractors and Chinese Food”

  1. yes to virtual on! i’m pretty sure the bobcat should be able to fly if you push both joysticks out.

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