Where the buffalo roam

I keep catching myself walking quickly to places. What’s the rush? Residual city mindset I guess.

It’s really interesting that althought the Kitts live in a pretty sparsely populated area (the nearest neighbor is two miles away) Jerry seems to know more about his neighbors and be more intimately involved with his community that most people who live jam-packed in “civilization” (I include the suburbs in that because they’re CRAZY dense haha).

The food here is awesome. What I didn’t really think about before coming here though, is that since it’s so far north they can’t really grow anything really exciting. But the meat is GREAT. I’ve had steak twice (tonight was steak and yams and some sort of asian salad). I’m always hungry for meals and tired when I go to bed, an interesting way to live, no?

Most days I work from 9am to 7pm (but today we didn’t finish until 8:30pm), eat dinner, unwind until about midnight then go to bed. The work consists of: pre-lunch – animal chores, i.e. feed and water cows/chicken/pigs, post-lunch – some sort of project like fixing fences, moving 5000lbs (!) of barley (we did that today), etc. Everything is about upkeep on a farm. I’m surprised they get any time to move their operation forward. Jerry’s actually back out to the field now to cover up some barley we left before dinner.

Some tips if you’re going to work on a farm:

– KNOW HOW TO DRIVE STICK SHIFT (I’ve driven about 5 different vehicles here, all with crazy weird clutches and methods of driving them)
– Get hand lotion, my hands are so jacked up haha
– Don’t have allergies, dust everywhere! I have a big cut on my forehead because I was putting pig feed in a pail and a big cloud of dust got kicked up and I hit my head on the feed shed wall as I moved to avoid it 😦

There are probably more but I gotta go!


~ by justinhong on May 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “Where the buffalo roam”

  1. hello send me some steak! πŸ™‚ im glad you are enjoying yourself

  2. Dude. Justin. I’m getting all envious and stuff. I miss the feeling of sleeping because you’re tired and you put in a hard day’s work.

    That said, take care bro. Looking forward to hearing more about life up yonder.

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