Goodfare, Alberta, CA

I made it! Bullet point update (b/c 56k is crazy slow):

– The Canadian Rockies look awesome when you’re flying over them. Also after the rockies it’s pretty much brown flat land all the way. While I was flying towards Edmonton and then driving to the farm I kept thinking “What the heck am I doing here??” but that was also interspersed with feelings of peace at my decision to come.
– Winter (real winter not California “winter”) is really brown. I’ m excited to see everything start becoming green as the growing season commences!
– I’m living in a place called The Pink Palace, it’s dusty but nice 😀
– Pigs are so dirty and rowdy haha. Jerry said we’re going to castrate them next week. Apparently a lot of guys don’t like doing that much, but Jerry said some girls “really enjoy it”…
– There are two HUGE dogs here: Walter and Rosie. Also three cats. It’ll take some time getting used to all the random animals around everywhere. Apparently the bison will randomly get the urge to exercise and start running around in unison like they’re racing on a track haha
– I met Jerry at the Old Strathcona Farmers Market in Edmonton yesterday afternoon. It’s about a 7 hour drive from the farm here and he goes once a month. He was wearing a red Che shirt haha. I’ve noticed that most Canadians are pretty pleasant and they also drive slower here (we averaged about 100km/hour ~ 60mph the whole way).
– So my bathroom is an outhouse. It’s pretty ghetto but it doesn’t really smell, unlike porto-potties. Also, I took my first dump today at 9:30pm and it was perfectly bright outside… I think it doesn’t get fully dark until after 10:30pm up here :O
– I realized that I may actually miss you all eventually haha so come visit!

Okay that’s it for now, I’m not sure how often I will be getting online, but we’ll see! I also don’t know how often they drive out to the post office to get their mail, I’ll ask Jerry tomorrow. I’m going to be doing the morning animal chores by myself tomorrow because Jerry’s heading out at 6am to take some of the pigs “to market” (i.e. to get slaughtered). Wish me luck!


~ by justinhong on May 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “Goodfare, Alberta, CA”

  1. pictures? will you show us pictures?

  2. HIII yay you made it!! man, castrating the pigs sounds scary. i wouldn’t enjoy cutting anything off any animal. hahaha!

    dude, real winter…i can’t even imagine! today my teacher was just talking about how it’s grey and cold in rhode island 6 mos out of the year…grosssss.

    i’m excited for you =) sounds fun to live with so many animals and nice canadians…like a big family! haha! have a good week justin! =D

  3. i can’t even imagine uploading pictures on a 56k. just flickr it.

    you should run with the bison. hardcore style.

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