july 29, 2008

an old post from an abandoned blog:

bliss -n. 1. supreme happiness; utter joy or contentment

ignorance is not (can not) be bliss. ignorance is comfort, it is (false) security, lack of pain, some lesser species of contentedness, but it is never bliss.

if we choose to fool ourselves, then make no mistake: we will be fools. it is folly to believe that shielding ourselves from pain and sorrow will inevitably lead to happiness. we were created to experience the full spectrum of human feeling. perhaps one day we will enter a place where pain is no longer necessary, where only the “over-compensations for misery” exist for us. but until then, a lack of pain can only mean one of two things: either we are not growing (a growth towards God, a person so wholely unlike us, is bound to be, must be, painful) or we have hardened our hearts. at this point the joke will be on us: we will be fully immersed in our contentments, our luxuries and our dumb activities, all the while unable to even see, let alone reach the heights of joy and plumb the depths of truth for which we were made.


~ by justinhong on March 23, 2009.

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