Do you ever stop and realize that you’ve been subconsciously depriving your body of air? Not like you’re slowly trying to kill yourself (though the results may be the same) but that, apart from hard physical exertion, you mainly take shallow breaths throughout the day. It’s amazing what three deep breaths can do for your mental and physical well-being (I learned this from an econ professor who advised we do this before every midterm/final. Though I forget how I did in that class haha).

On another note, I think I’m jumping ship from xanga. Perhaps a link will be made available shortly.

Also, I saw this on the xanga front page:

My top 5 man crushes would be:
5) sam hamilton
4) aldo leopold
3) c.s. lewis
2) fedor emelianenko


~ by justinhong on March 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “”

  1. Justina, you are like THE only person that reads my xanga. Now I have no real reason to write in mine anymore! I knew something was going on when your 3 xanga posts a day stopped all of a sudden!

  2. @shirleyj –  don’t worry shirley i’ll still read yours :Dalso, if i’m THE only person, why did someone ELSE get a shout out on your xanga and not me?!?! >:O

  3. hmm so i havent looked at this in a very long time, and the day I decide to i see this. im kind of speechless. im also pretty happy im not number one.

  4. dood, that’s so true! i realized that i don’t take deep breaths unless i have some visual cue. thanks for reminding me to breath =)

  5. @MrDandelionz –  dude i’m sorry jason, i have no idea what i was thinking 😦 please forgive me. i fixed it for you.

  6. justin? i heard you are going to a farm?

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