Hi Justin,
I enjoyed your email.  Clothes?  Bring whatever you like.  Working with animals is a dirty job (actually kind if a shitty job). You should have clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  If you like to be protected when it rains, bring some rain gear.  If you don’t have any, we can always find some new or used at a Thrift store.  We are 30 minutes from a store.  We do have a washer and dryer also.  Footware – leather boots are good, so are rubber boots but again – don’t fret. Don’t go buying a bunch of stuff to bring up with you, we have stores here too.
What size of feet do you have? Height, weight? I’ll make sure I have some coveralls to fit you.
Length of stay? 3 month minimum and you can decide later.
Most of the time it will be you and me working together.  We may get some help from WWOOFers occasionally but my focus will be to make sure you learn as many farm skills as possible.  When you go back home you may start your own farm, get married, have 11 farm kids and repopulate the earth with organic farmers (don’t take that too seriously).
PS Any girlfriends? Bring them along! Do you have any cooking skills?
More questions and stories later.

Hear that ladies? Any takers ;D haha


~ by justinhong on February 11, 2009.

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