My brother is a pretty funny guy. Whenever we start discussing/disagreeing about something he says “Now we’re just arguing semantics.” Which, if you think about it is a good way to get out of losing an argument haha


7:28 PM me: mexican accents right?
7:32 PM ryan: yeahh
  we listened to it when i was still in middle school
  we were in the driveway in the crx
7:33 PM me: that can’t be right
  we didn’t have the crx when you were in middle school
  i didn’t get my licesnse til summer after jr year
 ryan: now were just arguing semantics
  haha i see
 me: i think someone else was driving us somewhere
  like bach’s car or somethign
 ryan: cau an?
7:34 PM me: i do remember though
 ryan: haha nice


~ by justinhong on January 30, 2009.

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  1. I’m a linguist, so I say: “What do you mean, just arguing about meaning? Isn’t meaning the kernel in the form?”

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