today i found a window, or
it’s more that i clawed a hole where i had found a crack
and peered, triumphantly, into Your secret place.

there i saw that which i had always expected,
and imagined, and dreamed of,
and simultaneously, never hoped to find;

Heaven seemed to reach his hands towards Earth,
and she waited, expectantly, to meet him;

i sat and watched as the years passed by,
they came and went in mere moments,
while you sprouted, nay burst forth,
adding layer upon layer of beauty and grace
with each passing season.

in winter, the snow records your passing steps,
with soft contours, that
seem to sigh with longing as soon as you move on;

in spring, the blooms lean slightly
in your direction, as you dance by;

in summer, the sunlight kisses your skin,
the rays mingling with delicate wisps of hair,
warming your gentle neck;

in fall, the rain drops patter with delight
as they fall on your shoulders
and your head;

after some time, of watching
you laugh and live and love,
i debated within myself whether to ask
if i could enter and join you.

can i, or will i, add to the joy of this sacred place?
or would my presence disrupt the subtle ecology,
the delicate balance of your world?
i am loathe to subtract even an iota of goodness from what i have seen,
to retard, but for an instant, the unfolding of the drama that is your soul’s fruition;
i don’t know, and so,
as usual, i wait.


~ by justinhong on January 18, 2009.

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