exercise is strange…

at least recreational exercise. think about it, as modern day human beings we (at least most of us) no longer have to worry about when our next meal is coming from. for many of us, our lifestyles are almost completely sedentary, unless we choose to become pro-athletes or farmers or something, and our transportation techonologies and systems are so advanced that we need only do a minimal amount of walking to get pretty much anywhere in the world. as a result physical exercise is no longer really necessary for us to live (at least in the short term).

[insert talk about obesity, why the lack of exercise + the industrial food system is messing with america’s health]

but what i really want to talk about is recreational exercise. a good majority of americans deal with weight problems as a result of modern day foods and cultural views/marketing regarding body image. but if you think about it, exercise is really weird. what must our relatives from the animal kingdom think of us when they see us running on treadmills or doing bicep curls?

lion: “wow, humans eat so much food that their bodies, being too efficient for a modern lifestyle, retain more fat than they desire. so they do these strange exercises to make themselves look better? weird.”
lioness: “yeah totally, and the rest of the time the vast majority of them just sit around in front of those ‘teevees’ wasting away, and then they wonder how they got so big in the first place! have we been eating too much wildebeast? does my butt look big to you?…”

the treadmill is the human equivalent of the hamster wheel; the only difference being that for us, we choose to live in the cage.

in an age where we no longer have to hunt, fight, cut trees, plow fields or stack hay for a living, i think that most of us will need to find better reasons than “looking good” to stay healthy (i.e. beating that guy up, climbing a mountain, being able to be active with your kids, running a marathon, etc…), or, i guess we could just start eating less.


~ by justinhong on November 14, 2008.

2 Responses to “exercise is strange…”

  1. EAT LESS?! wth?!annnd.. i kind of dont get the point of this post. but oh well. :)stop reading all those exercise articles. its making your writing bad!hehe jk.lets hang out in soooooooon! 😀

  2. @fAtZ – haha yeah i wrote this at work.. but i also felt it was very disjointed while writing it :(but my point is that we’ve gotten to the point where we have to do exercises we don’t even like b/c we ingest calories we shouldn’t have eaten in the first place. it just seems like such a big waste of time and food haha

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