atheist campaign to begin in the UK

thoughts? i’ll post mine after i’ve heard some of yours 😀


~ by justinhong on October 27, 2008.

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  1. i wasnt going to comment about that article but i guess i should (cause i kind of feel bad not to), but i think its fine. isnt this the beginning of what you wanted anyways? give it a few years and maybe (oh! just maybe!) christians will be persecuted and we’ll all be real christians minus the nominal ones/thorns that ruin the garden of our fellowship. now, i dont actually think that to be honest. but i do think its fine. people need to think and things that make them do that are always fine :)now, the real reason i came here was to let you know that i think xanga is dying 😦 you’re the only blog that i actually read regularly and youre the only person who actually comments on mine. haha maybe we should transfer to facebook? or blogspot? or something?

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